The Atlantic Beverage Group, USA
L.E.C. Labs, Inc.

Manufacturers of Nutraceutical Concentrates
Specializing in Formulas for Health and Sports Performance

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  • L.E.C. Labs will create specifically engineered new products using all
    natural ingredients, beginning with the initial proprietary formulations
    in either liquid or powdered concentrates, to the final packaging of the
    finished product. We specialize in the manufacture and development of
    Superior Sports Performance Concentrates using the latest technology
    and equipment produced in FDA and Kosher certified pharmaceutical

  • Our quality control and testing procedures ensure the absolute purity
    and freshness of every product we manufacture. L.E.C. Labs is deeply
    committed to manufacturing and packaging the products that are the
    result of GMP and SOP procedures. We believe that quality is not just a
    parameter but also a value added result. Our quality assurance
    program (QAP) includes research and development, plus quality
    control procedures using the latest scientific information, technology,
    training and testing methods.

  • Let us present you with our ideas and expertise to further increase
    your business and increase your profit. Contact us at:    or you can phone us at: 239-334-3016

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