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operations in Ft. Myers, Florida in 2006 with its primary focus on research and
development of functional, all natural ingredients for the manufacture of
nutraceutical concentrates.  Our unique formulations have been medically
engineered to provide maximum results in specific areas of athletic sport
activities that encompass maximum rehydration, using our proprietary ionic
mineral blend with natural vitamin complexes for grade school athletes to
complex formulations designed to enhance maximum performance and
endurance for professionals.  

Master Formulator, A.J. DeGutis and founder of L.E.C. Labs has been creating
functional beverage concentrates for over 30 years in New England and has
directly participated in the development of many innovative and successful new
products for the soft drink, juice, dairy and liquor industries.  In addition,  we
have welcomed Nina Anderson, SPN (CEO of LJB Piper, LLC) to our ingredient
advisory board.  Being an ISSA certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and
author of many books on the subject,  her vast knowledge in this area has
contributed to several of L.E.C’s innovative product directions.
Newly created  this year is our all natural “ ZAP! Energy Drink Concentrate”
which offers several hours of lasting effects, is tasteless and without any
caffeine crash.  This versatile new product, containing our 12 ionic rehydration
minerals, a proprietary blend of natural caffeines, ginseng and Vitamins C, E, B-
3, B-5, B-6 and B-12 can be added to any bottled water, carbonated and
noncarbonated beverages,  juice products and even liquid dairy products.  

The combined  talents of our two companies gives us the ability to create new
products and take them all the way to finished product through contract
packing.  With our association with several FDA and pharmaceutical production
facilities around the country we now have the ability to mass produce products
in both Liquid or Powdered and in any package desired. We invite your
inquiries, comments and ideas and look forward to contributing to your next
successful new product.
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