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Electrolyte replacement drinks offer you mineral
supplementation, primarily sodium and potassium,
commonly lost during exercise. These are not the
only minerals your body needs to replace. Since
many of us drink bottled or filtered water, you may
become mineral deficient. Minerals naturally
occurring in the water are commonly eliminated
through many of the filtration systems needed for
purification. This means that it is unlikely you will get
the necessary amounts of minerals your body needs,
and in the proper ratio.

Rehydration with electrolyte sports drinks is
standard procedure for athletes looking for muscle
integrity during workouts. They know that
dehydration severely limits performance and many
contribute to heat stroke, organ damage, and
possible death if the fluids are not replaced.
Electrolytes are the life-giving force lost in the
dehydration process that account for the risk factor.
It is essential to choose an electrolyte replacement
supplement that provides you the basic elements -
minerals that form electrolytes. Trace minerals work
in combination to provide the proper environment
for electrolyte formation and maximum absorption.
Only certain minerals will form electrolytes. The body
has the ability to use the trace elements as a key to
unlock the rest of the minerals from food. The
proper combination of trace minerals are necessary
for maximum hydration and to provide the benefits
ElectroMaxtm contains all
twelve of the  key minerals in
a clear, flavorless, highly
concentrated form